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Voice is one of the most important elements to glorify your personality. A source through which we speak our mind out to people. Voice is such an element which can lead a huge impact or say impression about one’s personality on others.
When we come across the term Voice modulation, we think in our minds “Oo it is something technical

“ “Oo I need some advice “ and such many questions but in simple terms it is adding the

right emotions to your thoughts and voice. It is like delivering the content to the audience

in the feel exactly what you thought. It is actually the transfer of feelings and emotions and ideas through voice.

Remember how in childhood when it you an innocent pleasing voice to get things done from our parents,

It used to be done. “Please mumma I want a chocolate “ we used to put emphasis on please and in such an innocent

tone so that it comes out to be a request ,which later gets fulfilled. Same way to connect with audience it is very

important to emote in a way that they connect with us.

Secondly it is very important to be loud and clear. Sometimes we eat up our own words.

That becomes one reason people don’t connect. So it becomes important that you are audible enough and clear.

Mumbling should be avoided.

Also important thing to be good with voice modulation is Believe in your content.

Being enthusiastic about it. When you are confident about your content,it reflects in you voice too.

When if you yourself are not enthusiastic about the content then audience will never be able to connect.

Also pauses play an important role in voice modulation. Know where you need to give seconds to

Your audience to think about what you just said. It also gives u a breathing space.

Try using different pitches in your voice while speaking. The high , the medium , the low.

Initially it becomes difficult to get in the zone of pitches during public speaking

But you need a conscious effort. Correct yourself in mind that I have to try a low pitch.

Practice your voice in different pitches off the camera. That helps a lot.

So to sum up

1) Feel the content

2) Be loud and clear

3) Focus on the mains and take proper pauses


Written by:

Harnidh Kaur

Radio Jockey, Mumbai


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