How to tell stories in public speaking


I remember last week my kid’s nursery teacher in an online session asking them

to open their magnetic eyes and elephant ears to look around. All kids were fabulously

enjoying the activity and telling the stories by observing objects around. How true it is?

We get connected to people like magnets when we hear the real stories.

The same goes with public speaking.

The real stories always brings us on same ground. They give us an opportunity to re live,

Redefine and feel those series of emotions again as we travel back in time to see our own life situations

Through speaker’s stories. So, when speaker talks about his or her dad, we remember our dad,

When speaker talks about his or her failures we remember our toughest times.

When we tell real stories in a right way with a purpose of sharing, we get emotional and

That increases your persuasion power, convincing ability and proving point in a right way.

It creates common ground where other person understands you well,

rather increases the likeliness, empathy,trust

And most of the times, we fall in love with speaker and increases chances of taking decision in your favor.’


Real stories are extremely powerful in modern public speaking:

Real stories are extremely powerful in modern public speaking as it helps you in two ways.

The attention span of audience in today’s digital epidemic has drastically decreased from 15 seconds to approximately 3-4 seconds due to choice they have to shift their focus

From consuming boring content to interesting one. Imagine what we do when scrolling

Through social media Facebook, Twitter, tik tok etc. We watch those videos who grabs

Our attention in a span of seconds or we move on to further, right?

So now you will ask how do I grab their attention and hook them till the end?

Well, sharing real stories or starting your speech or video with your own experiences,

Real stories makes all the difference. Secondly, people love to listen to them when told in a right way

Which hook them till the end as it arouses enthusiasm and triggers  “I want more” emotion in them. Try it.


Let’s justify stories with science:


Sharing the stories in a right way is an art and science both. The DOC is heart of storytelling.

Don’t worry I am not talking about doctor of storytelling but the hormonal changes that happen

When we listen to real stories. So, D is dopamine, which increases the positive emotions

In the audience that makes them focus more. The O is oxytocin which triggers love,empathy

And trust for you in the  audience and C is cortisol which generates curiosity, redirecting audience

Focus towards the speaker. Blending them all together with right proportion makes

A signature and authentic recipe which after consuming people simply say internally “WOW”.

The real stories when structured in framework makes it more easy to use in speeches. Here is a simple framework that you can apply in your next speech.


3S method:

1.Set up: create a scene of the story along with characters. Create set up for the story/situation/circumstances/event.

2.Struggle: what challenges, obstacles, hurdles did you face in the situation/circumstances/event.

3.Success: how did you overcome them and results you achieved after doing it.

I know sharing real stories takes lot of courage, overcoming that initial hesitation

And fear of being judged. But it is normal as you share them with strangers and not your family members.

That is how when we connect with strangers, we share that pain, agony, happiness, worries and mix of all

effortlessly as they are willing to listen to us more than judging us.

We feel liberated, free in that moment, right?


The other reason to share real stories is that might be not all 100% people resonate

And get inspired by them but there might be one person that needed that fresh air the most

To breath in to bring transformation in his or her life.

So,even if one person gets inspired and there is a shift in his or her life because of your story,

you have done fantabulous.

You have achieved the desire outcome. Don’t ever forget to PAT YOURSELF for this.


Recently, I participated in storytelling contest where I shared my journey on digital platform.

I hesitated to share it on my personal profile initially, however,I did it and then I felt those magical vibes.

Most of them showered their love and blessings, few sent me personal messages and

Very few called me up to say thank you to share this Archana,

I really needed this the most at this phase of my life. Some even went ahead and said,

You actually saved me. I was feeling on cloud nine in the moment.

Now, I urge you all to open your magnetic eyes and elephant ears to look inside and

Around to share those real stories that will inspire, motivate, inform people

And captivate them and hook them. Those real stories will help someone to

Learn, unlearn and relearn life lessons and bring real transformation in their life.

On the contrary, you as a speaker, will receive more love, more trust, more people,

More followers, more opportunities and more growth in life.

Share the real stories and stand out from the crowd which will enhance your public speaking skills

And will take you to next level. Good luck for the journey.

Do let me know how are you going to take this ahead in your public speaking journey?

Love to see you all performing at Public Speaking University.



Archana Birnale

Public Speaker,Coach

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