Rarely you come across a family where you find authors these days.

But here is only one family who resides in New Delhi capital of India which has 4 generation of authors in one family.

Author Sherry (37) – with his father(70), wife(36), daughter(9) claims to be the rare family to achieve this feat in the world.

Tavleen Kaur Arora – prodigy child who penned her maiden book at the age of 8 years has also bagged youngest author of India by writing and publishing a book at the age of just 8 years.

Family Profile:

Author Sherry
Founder & CEO – Public Speaking Institute
Founder & President – MS Talks India
Professional Keynote Speaker,6 times International TEDx Speaker,3 times Josh Talks Speaker, Author of International Best Sellers

Kulvinder Kaur Arora

Best selling – Author, Anchor, Host , Event organizer

Co-founder – MS Talks India

Kuldeep Singh Arora

Author, Educator, Retd. Electrical Engineer,
Chief Refree (All India)Carrom, Flute player, Yoga Teacher

Tavleen Kaur Arora

Youngest Author of Delhi(8 years)
Award-winning Orator & Storyteller
Covered by Hindustan Times.

Author of PEP Talks


We wish bright future to this inspiring family.

Long live this family.

Best wishes from MS Talks India team.


Book links:

How to become master of speeches and talks
(International Best seller on Amazon)

Billionaire Mindset –
(Best seller on Amazon)
How to speak like a pro – Anthology

Hard Copy:


Unleash the hidden potential


Public speaking basics


Deep ka safar  РKuldeep Singh Arora



PEP Talks by Tavleen Kaur Arora








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